Motivational Coaching Psychology

This is a coaching psychology, mentoring and consulting practice

The practice is run by Alexandra J. S. Fouracres, a leading coaching psychologist, mentor and writer researcher.
If you are here, you are already motivated but when are you going to commit, succeed, repeat - do it all again? When are you going to win - and then win again at achieving what you want? The reality is there is no "box" to get out of, or opinion out there to hear that will make the difference - it's all about you and when you will change to the next gear. If you are ready start to listen to yourself, face everything, good, bad and never give in - then I'm your coach.

The theory and evidence-base of coaching psychology underpin this practice, enabling achievement, improved performance and well-being, new mindsets, pathways and tools.  The rest is up to you stepping in to everything you are capable of.

Positive Coaching Psychology

Why Time Psychologist? Most simply this symbolizes one of the self-built walls people often form around them when struggling to implement change or move forward in any way. Time is what you perceive it to be. As your coach I will reflect if I pinpoint in your discourse walls, problems, reasons, behaviours, practices that are holding you back. I will help you re-focus a focus on improving your use of your strengths, abilities and skills. All of this enhancing positive behaviours, thoughts and practices.

You can come to sessions at this practice with any topic in mind. I will challenge, stretch, push and motivate you through the techniques, questions and style I use and together we will seek that you reach the horizons you set yourself.

Examples of topics often brought are: improving well being, enhancing performance, negotiating change of any kind, business goals, complex decision-making, improving confidence, seeking a renewed sense of self-efficacy, finding meaning, re-tuning personal values and goal achievement.

If you are ready, so am I.

Some of the benefits of working with
a coaching psychologist

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