What the founder Alexandra says

My client list has included business owners, company directors / top management, entrepreneurs, government employees, students and others looking to step up to goals, dreams or negotiate a period of change. Everyone I agree to take as a client, is someone that is ready for change and looking for someone to challenge them when needed and be their trusted partner on their journey.

The only thing that can get in our way to achieving life goals, work dreams, study achievements or other - is ourselves. It's also never too early or too late to create new mindsets, tools or pathways as well as activate our strengths and inner resources.

Is this coaching psychology practice for you? Well, to find out, think about your answer to the question: do you want to 'play to play' or 'play to win'?
If you want to play to win - let's go. We will take a journey into some self-reflection, self-insight, self-efficacy and improving or keeping your well-being on track as well as setting you up to achieve and reach your goals.

In our work together I may provide some tailored positive psychology interventions for you to try. These promote that you try something new. The aim being to introduce new insight to you or a new experience or behaviour that may induce a positive outcome towards your goals.

About Me


I am from the UK originally. I have overall lived in 7 countries and worked in financial services and investment fund administration at senior management level.

Today I work coaching psychologist, an academic, a management consultant and an author.

Where some coaches are afraid to challenge - I am not. I am a determined, driven person that loves change. I help my clients de-construct any walls they have created for themselves when it comes to achievement. Time being the ultimate example. Time is a concept, it can be reconstructed any way you want it.

I am a fully qualified and accredited coach and mentor (EMCC) and published researcher and author.  I have a master's degree in coaching psychology and positive psychology and l and am a member of the British Psychological Society.

Are you ready?

Looking forward to meeting you,

Alexandra J.S. Fouracres MAPPCP MBPsS


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