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What happens if I am late?

Your session time will start when you arrive and finish at the usual finish time mark and cost exactly the same. So if you are late you will be paying the same but receiving less coaching. If you are over 15 minutes late you should call as we will not be able to make a […]

Do you have restrictions on who you take on as clients?

Positive Psychology Coaching and interventions leads to improvement of well-being, performance and lead to achievement of goals and pathways. It you are undergoing therapy at the same time, we will discuss before working together the differences between therapy and coaching. You can bring any topic of conversation to this practice. Posiitve psychology coaches trained to […]

Where does the coaching take place?

Online coaching is typically via Zoom or Skype. Predominately I use Zoom which is a simple app that is free for you to install and gives good quality calls. Other options are possible. Onsite coaching is in Valby, Copenhagen – roughly 300-400 meters from Valby train station.

How do I contact you?

Send an email to info@timepsychologist.com. Include some starter information and an indication of when you would like to come. Include a telephone number and preferred contact times in the event that we should talk ahead of booking an appointment.

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